About Us

For more than 45 years the ‘Mitwalli Group’ has been a vital tributary in Saudi Arabia’s Industrial and Economic Growth.

Based upon the ‘Groups’ vast technical experience and a strategy of incremental business expansion, Mitwalli Steel Products Co. was established as a natural extension in this industrial evolutionary process.

Now operating from Phase 5 of Jeddah’s Industrial City, Mitwalli Steel Products Co. has become one of the ‘cornerstones’ of the Country’s Sheet Metal Industries and a major support to the building and construction sectors.

Currently producing over 150,000 tons of various steel products, the Company’s esteem in the market place continues to grow based upon the Quality of the products and services provided by the Company and the integrity of our business dealings with our customers.

Vision & Mission & Goals 


Maintain and strive always to improve upon the Quality of "what we do".


To be a leader in Saudi Arabia's Industries and Economic Growth


Provide a work environment that values integrity and encourages teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth for all and at all levels of the organization

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