Commercial Structural Steel Division

Commercial Structural Steel Division
As a part of Mitwalli Group, Mitwalli Commercial Structural Steel Division was established in order to:
    • Supply our Steel Fabrication Division with all steel building requirements.
    • Keeping a stock about 10,000 Tons of structural steel section from different sources (Europe, Japan, Korea …) such as, H Beams, I Beams, U Channels, Angels, Metal Sheets, Flat Bars, Square and Round Bars, made us one of the main Commercial Steel Stockiest in the market, satisfying our structural and industrial customer’s needs and requirements with both good quality and competitive prices.



 20 X 20 MM

2.0 TO 3.0 MM

25 X 25 MM

2.0 TO 3.5 MM

30 X 30 MM

2.0 TO 4.0 MM

40 X 40 MM

2.5 TO 4.0 MM

50 X 50 MM

2.5 TO 5.0 MM

60 X 60 MM

2.5 TO 5.0 MM

70 X 70 MM

3.0 TO 6.0 MM

80 X 80 MM

3.0 TO 6.0 MM

100 X 100 MM

3.0 TO 8.0 MM

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