Coils Shearing "Sheets"

Coils Shearing "Sheets"

Supervised by skillful, trained technicians, the shearing lines are automatically operated to manufacture several varieties of sheets that meet the international standards.

MSP has four shearing lines, with annual capacity more than 40,000 tons off all types of sheets including (cold and hot rolled sheets, galvanized and electro galvanized sheets, and aluminum …etc.).

In the shearing thicknesses from 0.3mm to 12mm width up to 2000 mm in order to meet our customer's needs.





1.0 TO 12.0 MM

2000 TO 6000 MM


0.35 TO 2.5 MM

2000 TO 6000 MM


0.30 TO 12.0 MM

2000 TO 6000 MM


2.0 TO 12.0 MM

2000 TO 10000 MM

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